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  1. Dovetail Box arrived

    Scrigno segreto

    Abbiamo appena ricevuto la nuova scatola-rompicapo a Coda di Rondine, confezionata all'interno della scatolina della Serie Leonardo Da Vinci. / We have just receved a new style Leonardo da Vinci box with Dovetail secret lock

    Trova il modo di aprirla e di nasconderci dentro oggetti preziosi! / Check it out to know how to open and hide precious gift!

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    Locandina Fiera di Lucca 2019

    FAIR OF LUCCA COMIC & GAMES 2019... 53ESIMA EDITION! A special edition not to be missed with many guests from the world of entertainment, cinema, music, comics and games. This year’s theme is "Becoming Human".
    Lucca Comics & Games has grown to become an international flagship event of pop culture. In these five days in Lucca takes place a unique magic: the squares, the streets, the buildings are animated by thousands of people different in age, origin, culture, all in common
    by the same passions. Lucca itself, with its historical-artistic treasures, becomes the protagonist: its monuments are celebrated in the poster of the festival and its artistic riches are scenarios of fantastic stories.

    Among the most prominent guests were:

    • Patrick Stewart, british star of the new Stark Trek series
    • Luca Carboni, the famous singer
    • Cristina D'Avena, the famous italian singer-songwriter for children and teenagers
    • Zerocalcare, italian writer and cartoonist
    • Giorgio Vanni, italian songwriter of a lot of cartoon themes


    And many others ... Come and visit us!

    A special edition not to be missed with many guests from show business, including Patrick Stewart, star of the new Stark Trek series, Luca Carboni, Cristina D’Avena, Zerocalcare and Giorgio Vanni! Come and see us!


    Wednesday 30 October from 9 to 20
    Thursday 31 October from 9 to 20
    Friday 31 October from 9 to 20
    Saturday, April 6 from 9 to 20
    Sunday 7 April from 9 to 20

    See this page for all the

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