There is a massive text that we will often talk to you about from now on.
It is perhaps the largest written collection ever made in the history of brainteasers and puzzles.

In Puzzles Old and New, in fact, Professor Hoffman, already author of texts on magic tricks and card games, set himself the goal of creating a real illustrated story of all the puzzles to be found, from the past to his present.
After all, we know, starting from the ancient Enigma of the Sphinx, traps and riddles have always fascinated young and old.

Today we want to start from one of the first puzzles present in the pages of the famous text.
It is a thin wooden tray, closed above by a glass plate.
It is called the Planet Puzzle and, in fact, inside it you can see as many small marbles as the planets of the Solar System back then known.

The goal of the puzzle was to get each ball into the hole corresponding to its position with respect to the Sun.

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