In one of the past articles, we have already introduced you to Professor Hoffman's impressive book, "Puzzles, Old and New".

For those who missed it, this enthusiast of games and puzzles, decided to enclose in a single text any puzzle he could trace back to his days.
Some were newly invented, others as ancient as Noah.

And anyone who is lucky enough to leaf through the pages of the book is faced with barin teasers of all kinds, from the most traditional to the most absurd.
Brain teasers and more, because there are also sections dedicated to numerical and literary logic games.
In short, aiming at the idea of ​​solving them all, was a long long time project.

One of the puzzles explained and illustrated by Hoffman has to do, as you may have guessed from the title, with a spider.
The professor refers to it as "The Spider and the Flies", describing it as one of the cutest of the "dexterity and perseverance" puzzles.

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