The MOON puzzle is finally available on our site, a new challenge for all fans not only of puzzles but also of space, stars and cosmos.

You too will have a difficult mission to complete on the lunar surface, for which you can draw inspiration from the crew of Apollo 11, in particular the often forgotten astronaut who played, perhaps, the most important role of all.
We are talking about Michael Collins, who passed away last April.

We can start by saying that we also feel Collins a bit of an Italian hero, given his birth in Rome.

In 1963 he was selected as an astronaut and, after being a reserve member of the Gemini VII, he had the great honor of traveling in space twice: aboard the Gemini 10 and, subsequently, the famous Apollo 11.
266 hours in space.

Of Apollo 11, two names are often remembered, Armstrong and Aldrin.
This is because they were the ones who put their faces on it, they were the ones who descended to the surface

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