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No solutions are included in the puzzles packaging to stimulate the gamers activity and develop a patience, logic and gemetric skills.

Only solving on your own, you obtain a real pleasure and great satisfaction of achieving a goal.

But if you're stucked for long time already and completely out of any idea to fix it, you can download the solution or view the video solution in the product's page, under the product's images.

Find you product below, click the image to go to a product page or use a Search tool on the top of each page.

If you don't find a necessary solution, we probably don't have it and have no possibility to obtain it from a manufacturer. Sometimes, some handicrafts do make a great puzzles, but not solutions for them and those we're not able to send it to you.

Though it is possible to contact us and require it via the application form on the right side of this page. We will reply you only if we find the solution.

You can find some solutions in our YouTube channel:

YouTube Logica channel

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